Inspiring You to Inspire Others

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Inspiring You to Inspire Others!

This company was founded on the premise that God is an essential part of our lives.He must be involved in every aspect. I began taking yoga as a way to relieve stress and find peace. While practicing yoga, I learned the different principles such as purity, self-control, peace and devotion to the Lord. These were all things I had heard while in traditional church services. I then began reading the bible and discovered every principle was stated in Scripture. From that moment, my life changed. God and His word were no longer things that intimidated me. I knew I could build a relationship and grow stronger in my faith while getting stronger physically with beginner yoga poses. As I furthered my practice, I was inspired to create messages which could be used as daily mantras. Unlike other phrases and quotes, these messages would be short and sweet but upon a deeper look, contain a more elaborate meaning. This would allow individuals to motivate themselves as well as provide opportunities for more personal evangelism. The response has been phenonemal and I haven't looked back since. My goal is to share this with others so that all can build a stronger and healthier mind, body and spirit.

Our Mission:

To encourage and promote self-love through God's word using divinely inspired acrostic messages and yoga.


The Real KIM LLC